We are located at Sunbury Memorial Hall, Stawell Street, Sunbury and open most Monday nights From 5pm to 6.30pm.



All policies of the Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen Inc. (SNK) are listed below. Click on each heading to see the details. Please contact one of the Committee members if you have any questions or comments about these policies.


Many people come to the Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen Inc. (SNK) for food and company. The majority of  those who come are needy in some way, and are therefore vulnerable.

This policy provides a code of conduct for volunteers who work at SNK, such that a safe place is provided for those who attend the kitchen as well as the volunteers.


This Code is intended to identify the personal behaviour and practices of volunteers at SNK that will enable them to undertake their responsibilities with due care for everyone.

If the behaviour and practices outlined are followed, SNK will be a safe place for everyone where people are respected and appropriately cared for. This policy is to be read in conjunction with the Sexual Harassment Policy.


All SNK volunteers will, at all times:-

  • Act in the best interests of those attending the kitchen, without any discrimination;
  • Treat all other volunteers with respect, and without any discrimination;
  • Not engage in any form of:-
    • Bullying;
    • Emotional abuse;
    • Harassment;
    • Physical abuse; or
    • Sexual abuse;
  • Not present for work if affected by alcohol or another mind altering addictive substance;
  • Not present for work if you have acquired an injury or medical condition that will impact on your ability to fulfil your duties or that may adversely affect others;
  • Seek to resolve any dispute with a volunteer or guest, in accordance with the agreed SNK Dispute Resolution Process;
  • Not take property belonging to others;
  • Not knowingly make statements that are false, misleading or deceptive;
  • Not knowingly use offensive language;
  • Not to distribute offensive material;
  • Present for work in a sober and timely manner and adhere to the appropriate directions of those in charge;
  • Not disclose any confidential information received, to anyone (including their spouse, family, friends or colleagues) without the consent of the person providing the information except where:-
    • the information is known publicly;
    • it is required or allowed by law; or
    • it is in the public interest (such as to avoid the risk of serious injury or harm to any person).
  • Be aware of the behaviour of guests and other volunteers and report any breach of the above policy immediately to the Operations Manager.
Breach of this Policy

Any breach of this policy may result in counselling and/or disciplinary action, which, in the case of volunteers, may lead to the cessation of their engagement.


The financial objective of Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen Inc. (SNK) is to generate sufficient income to cover outgoings incurred in the operation of the kitchen in pursuing its Mission Statement and in accordance with generally accepted good governance guidelines.


Key strategies to be undertaken in achieving this objective include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Maintain the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status received from the Australian Taxation Office which will
    • allow benefactors to obtain a tax deduction for monies directed towards SNK
    • qualify SNK as an eligible recipient of monies from those organisations that require DGR status as a core qualification.
  2. Generating income from all available Community and corporate based grants as identified by the Treasurer.
  3. Generating income from fundraising opportunities offered to SNK.
  4. Generating income from donations received by SNK.
  5. Promoting to the public, Corporate Sponsorships of SNK.
  6. Maintaining a tight control over income and costs incurred in the operation of SNK, by accurate accounting systems and reporting budget versus actual results on a regular basis.
  7. Ensuring that adequate insurance cover is maintained to protect the officers, members and volunteers of SNK.

Financial Procedures

Financial Records & Banking
  1. All monies received to be banked as soon as possible to the SNK bank account at the Bendigo Bank in Sunbury.
  2. All expenditures, whether by cheque or Electronic banking, to be authorised by any two of the three approved SNK offices, being the President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  3. All income and expenditures to be properly recorded in the Reckon online accounting system.
  4. The online accounting system bank account to be reconciled to the online bank statement at least on a weekly basis.
  5. All records of monies received or expended to be filed in date order, in a manner that allows immediate inspection by officers of SNK at any time.
  6. Any personal expenditures authorised to be incurred by members or volunteers on behalf of SNK, to be reimbursed to the member or volunteer by cheque or electronic banking in line with point 2, above.
  7. Any individual item of expenditure in excess of $300 needs to be authorised by the SNK board at one of its regular Board meetings, prior to the expenditure being incurred.
  8. Any individual item of expenditure less than $300 needs to be authorised by the Operations Manager prior to the expenditure being incurred.
  9. A full financial Accrual based report comprising period & Year to date Income & Expenditure statement versus Budget, Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) and Aged Debtors is to be presented to the SNK as part of its regular Board meetings.
  10. An annual Budget for SNK is to be prepared and presented to the Board in June of each year for approval, detailing estimated Income and expenditure.
  11. An Asset register is to be maintained by the Treasurer detailing the asset, identifying numbers, cost, date of purchase, current value, copy of the purchase invoice and digital photograph of the item.
Australian Taxation office (ATO)
  1. As SNK is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) with the ATO, extra care must be maintained to ensure that all income and expenditures are fully documented, should the SNK records be inspected by the ATO.
  2. If SNK registers itself for GST, the Treasurer is responsible for reporting to the ATO on a quarterly basis, for all relevant transactions.
  3. There is no requirement to lodge an Australian Income tax return for SNK.
Australian Charities & Not for Profit Commission (ACNC)
  1. As SNK is a registered charity, there will be a requirement for an Annual Information Statement to be lodged with the ACNC together with financial accounts, which will be published for public consumption.

Volunteers may on occasion be required to pay expenses consequent on their employment out of their own pockets. Under certain circumstances, as outlined in this policy, these expenses may be reimbursed by Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen Inc. (SNK).


The purpose of this policy is to spell out under what circumstances reimbursement of expenses may occur on behalf of SNK and the process for doing so.


SNK will reimburse its volunteers expenses incurred by them on behalf of SNK so long as such expenses are:

  1. Reasonable, and
  2. Authorised

It is the responsibility of Management to ensure that:

  • Volunteers are aware of this policy
  • Any breaches of this policy coming to the attention of management are dealt with appropriately.

It is the responsibility of all volunteers to ensure that their applications for reimbursement conform to this policy.

Prohibited reimbursements

SNK will not reimburse volunteers for:

  • Unauthorised expenses
  • Claims for purchases that are required to be made under a SNK purchase order
  • Expenses that are not incurred for business purposes
  • Late payment interest on credit cards
  • Parking, traffic, or other fines and penalties.

Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen Inc. (SNK) recognises the right of every volunteer to be able to attend work and to perform their duties; or receive services as guests; without being subjected to any form of sexual harassment.

It is the obligation and responsibility of every volunteer to ensure that the workplace, kitchen and dining room is free from sexual harassment.

SNK is fully committed to its obligation to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.


The purpose of this document is to outline SNK’s position on sexual harassment and to document the process that is to be followed should any grievances arise.


Sexual harassment means any unwelcome sexual advance, unwelcome request for sexual favours, or other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated, and where that reaction is reasonable in the circumstances. Examples of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to,

  • staring or leering
  • unnecessary familiarity, such as deliberately brushing up against someone or unwelcome touching
  • suggestive comments or jokes
  • insults or taunts of a sexual nature
  • intrusive questions or statements about someones private life
  • displaying posters, magazines or screen savers of a sexual nature
  • sending sexually explicit emails or text messages
  • inappropriate advances on social networking sites
  • accessing sexually explicit internet sites
  • requests for sex or repeated unwanted requests to go out on dates
  • behaviour that may also be considered to be an offence under criminal law, such as physical assault, indecent exposure, sexual assault, stalking or obscene communications.

Behaviour that is based on mutual attraction, friendship and respect is not sexual harassment.


SNK will not tolerate sexual harassment under any circumstances. Responsibility lies with every volunteer to ensure that sexual harassment does not occur.

Both federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity legislation provide that sexual harassment is unlawful and establish minimum standards of behaviour for all.

This policy applies to conduct that takes place in any work-related context, including conferences, work functions, social events and business trips.

No volunteer or guest, at any level, should subject any other volunteer or guest to any form of sexual harassment.

SNK strongly encourages any volunteers or guests who feel they have been sexually harassed to take immediate action. If a volunteer or guest feels comfortable in doing so, the issue may be raised with the person directly with a view to resolving the issue by discussion. The volunteer or guest should identify the harassing behaviour, explain that the behaviour is unwelcome and offensive and ask that the behaviour stop. Alternatively, or in addition, they may report the behaviour to the Operations Manager of SNK. Once a report is made, SNK has the right to determine how the report should be dealt with in accordance with its obligations and this policy.

Any reports of sexual harassment will be treated seriously and promptly with sensitivity. Such reports will be treated as completely confidential up to the point where a formal or informal complaint is lodged against a particular person, at which point that person must be notified under the rules of natural justice.

Complainants have the right to determine how to have a complaint treated, to have support or representation throughout the process, and the option to discontinue a complaint at any stage of the process.

The alleged harasser also has the right to have support or representation during any investigation, as well as the right to respond fully to any formal allegations made. There will be no presumptions of guilt and no determination made until a full investigation has been completed.

No volunteer or guest will be treated unfairly as a result of rejecting unwanted advances. Disciplinary action may be taken against anyone who victimises or retaliates against a person who has complained of sexual harassment, or against any volunteer or guest who has been alleged to be a harasser.

All volunteers and guests have the right to seek the assistance of the relevant tribunal or legislative body to assist them in the resolution of any concerns.

Managers or Supervisors who fail to take appropriate corrective action when aware of harassment of a person will be subject to disciplinary action.

Breach of this Policy

Any breach of this policy may result in counselling and/or disciplinary action, which, in the case of volunteers, may lead to the cessation of their engagement. In the case of guests, may lead to their exclusion from the facility and meals service.


Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and blogging represent a growing form of communication for not-for-profit organisations, allowing them to engage their members and the wider public more easily than ever before.

This policy supports maximise our social media reach while protecting Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen Inc.’s (SNK) public reputation.


SNK may choose to engage in social media such as:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • WordPress/Blogger
  • YouTube/Vimeo
  • iTunes/Podcasting

SNK seeks to encourage information and link-sharing amongst its members and volunteers, and seeks to use the expertise of its members and volunteers in generating appropriate social media content.

At the same time, social media posts should be in keeping with the image that SNK wishes to present to the public, and posts made through its social media channels should not damage SNK’s reputation in any way.


SNK’s social media use shall be consistent with the following core values:

  • Integrity: SNK will not knowingly post incorrect, defamatory or misleading information about its own work, the work of other organisations, or individuals.
  • Professionalism: SNK’s social media represents the organisation as a whole and should seek to maintain a professional and uniform tone.
  • Information Sharing: SNK encourages the sharing and re-posting of online information that is relevant, appropriate to its aims, and of interest to its members.

SNK seeks to grow its social media base and use this to engage with existing and potential volunteers, members, donors and stakeholders. At the same time, a professional balance must be struck which avoids placing SNK’s reputation at risk.


The Committee nominates the Promotions Supervisor to co-ordinate SNK’s social media management.

The Promotions Supervisor will oversee expansion of social media and help to develop the Social Media Strategy.

Volunteers may, from time to time and where appropriate, post on behalf of SNK using SNK’s online social media profiles. This is to be done only with the express knowledge and authorisation of the Promotions Supervisor.

The Promotions Supervisor has ultimate responsibility for:

  • Ensuring that all posts are in keeping with SNK’s core Social Media Policy.
  • Ensuring appropriate and timely action is taken to correct or remove inappropriate posts (including defamatory and/or illegal content) and in minimising the risk of a repeat incident.
  • Ensuring that appropriate and timely action is taken in repairing relations with any persons or organisations offended by an inappropriate post.
  • Moderating and monitoring public response to social media, such as blog comments and Facebook replies, to ensure that trolling and spamming does not occur, to remove offensive or inappropriate replies, or caution offensive posters, and to reply to any further requests for information generated by the post topic.

It is important to maintain the balance between encouraging discussion and information sharing, and maintaining a professional and appropriate online presence.

Breach of this Policy

Any breach of this policy may result in counselling and/or disciplinary action, which, in the case of volunteers, may lead to the cessation of their engagement.


Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen Inc. (SNK) fully relies on the unpaid work of volunteers and values their contribution highly.


This policy is intended to ensure that volunteers working at SNK have work that is safe, significant, fulfilling, and appreciated.


All volunteers shall be treated with respect and gratitude for their contribution.

Volunteers shall carry out duties assigned by the management of SNK.


All volunteers shall be offered appropriate information and training to carry out their assigned duties. Successful completion of this training shall be a pre-requisite of them performing these duties.


All volunteers shall receive appropriate supervision in the exercise of their functions.  For those volunteers under the age of 15 years, direct supervision by their parent or guardian is required.


All volunteers shall be reimbursed for all expenditure incurred in the exercise of their functions that fall within the Reimbursement of Expenses Policy and that have been pre-approved by the Operations Manager.


Should a volunteer have any concerns regarding their employment or the behaviour of other volunteers or guests, these should be raised in the first instance with the Operations Manager.

Should a formal complaint be raised, SNK has the right to determine how the complaint should be dealt with in accordance with its obligations and its policies.


Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen Inc. (SNK) is committed to ensuring, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of the working environment for its volunteers, visitors and guests to its premises.


This policy applies to volunteers, visitors and guests at SNK’s premises to the extent it is relevant to them.

In this policy, ‘workplace’ includes working on site or off-site, attendance at a work-related conference or function, and attendance at a client or other work-related event, including retreats and social events.



SNK supports the rights of all persons covered by the policy to work in an environment that is, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health.

SNK is committed to the promotion of a joint and united approach to consultation and resolution of Work Health and Safety issues.

SNK is committed to improving health and safety to so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • identify, assess and control workplace hazards
  • reduce the incidence of occupational injury and illness.

Work Health and Safety statutory requirements, including regulations and codes of practice, are minimum standards.

Bullying and violence at work

SNK will not tolerate bullying or violence at work under any circumstances. Responsibility lies with every volunteer to ensure that bullying or violence at work does not occur.

Bullying is any unreasonable behaviour directed toward a person, or a group of persons, that creates a risk to their health and safety.

Examples of bullying can include:

  • verbal abuse
  • excluding, ignoring or isolating a person
  • psychological harassment
  • intimidation
  • assigning meaningless tasks unrelated to a person’s job
  • giving a person impossible assignments and deadlines
  • unjustified criticism or complaints
  • deliberately withholding information vital for effective work performance
  • constant taunting, teasing or playing practical jokes on a person who is not a willing participant.

Bullying can be verbal, or in writing (including online).

Occupational violence refers to any incident where a person is physically attacked, abused, assaulted or threatened in the workplace.

Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator

The Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator will be held accountable for coordinating SNK’s management of health and safety on behalf of the Operations Manager. The Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator does not assume the responsibilities of supervisors and managers.

Breach of this Policy

Any breach of this policy may result in counselling and/or disciplinary action, which, in the case of volunteers, may lead to the cessation of their engagement. In the case of guests, may lead to their exclusion from the facility and meals service.


Marianne Williams
Board Secretary
Date of approval by the Committee – 25 May 2016
Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen