We are located at Sunbury Memorial Hall, Stawell Street, Sunbury and open most Monday nights From 5pm to 6.30pm.


The idea of SNK came from Neil Williams, a local business owner/caterer who wanted to see the surplus food would go to a good cause and not waste.

Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen Inc. (SNK) operates at the Sunbury Memorial Hall, Stawall Street, Sunbury

The Kitchen is open on most Monday nights with the aim of:

  • providing quality three course meals cooked and served by Volunteers, for no charge. We now serve an average of 170 people each Monday. Some of our guests become volunteers. Some of our volunteers may also be in some need
  • providing nutritional hot meals, where otherwise the guests may go without
  • providing companionship, where otherwise isolation and loneliness may exist
  • providing personal social growth, knowledge, caring and happiness, where otherwise depression might occur
  • encouraging community involvement, with various other community organisations taking part, perhaps supplying food or assisting on the night. Many of the volunteers are just residents of Sunbury who want to help others.

We have over 50 volunteers that cook, wash dishes, set tables, transport residents to and from their homes, and some that just come to have a chat with those needing to be listened to.

The volunteers are allocated a specific job and an opportunity to grow their skills in areas such as: food handling, hospitality and, of course, cooking, to name a few.

Funding for SNK comes from grants, donations and fundraising. Please visit our Supporters page if you would like to contribute.

To maintain the viability of SNK, grants are continually being sought and donations are always welcome.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a meal in a safe and friendly environment for the less fortunate of our local community on Monday evenings.

We are managed and staffed by volunteers.

We are a “not for profit” association.

Our Past

We were proudly established by the Rotary Club of Sunbury in 2013.

We were called The Rotary Club of Sunbury Family Community Kitchen.

We operated under the Rotary umbrella.

Our Future

From the 1st of July 2016 we are the Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen Incorporated.

We now operate independently from The Rotary Club of Sunbury.

All Rotary kitchen assets have been transferred to our new association.

Our Values

We respect our volunteers and our guests.

We promote a happy and supportive environment for all.

We abide by the policies of Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen Inc.

We welcome feedback from our guests and volunteers to help improve our service.

We do not tolerate anti-social behaviour.