We are located at Sunbury Memorial Hall, Stawell Street, Sunbury and open most Monday nights From 5pm to 6.30pm.

Visit from Foodbank Victoria

SNK welcomed Ed & Brien from Foodbank Victoria at last Monday’s dinner. Ed & Brien came to see how SNK operates.

They saw our storage capacity, they saw the magnificent work that our volunteers do for our community. Ed & Brien were chatting with the guests & volunteers. They both enjoyed the variety of food on offer.

Foodbank Victoria is one of our main food suppliers for SNK.  Foodbank is a non for profit organisation that rescues food or purchase food for distribution to agencies like SNK.  The meals that are cooked and consumed are the result of Foodbank’s collection of food for distribution.

SNK and our community are very grateful of their hard work to enable us to provide for the less fortunate.

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